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Twelve Days of Christmas Blog - Day 3

What's going on here??

This is my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Giveaway.
In addition to posting a recipe each day, I'll be posing a trivia question.  At the end of the 12 Days, if you answered one of my trivia questions or if you left a comment here, you will be entered to win a $25.00 gift card to your choice of either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

That's 2 ways to enter to win the gift card:
1.  Send a trivia question answer to me at:
2.  Make a comment on my blog.
(It is also okay to go back to previous blog entries and answer those questions or leave a comment.)

Trivia Question #3
Today, you will need to read through this whole blog to find both the question and the answer :) You have to do a little work for this one!

CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY is my first holiday book.  It is also my first contemporary that is not paranormal.  One thing that inspired the tale was the yearly "Feast of the Seven Fishes" thrown my good friends Rita and Eugene.  Since the main characters in CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY are all Scottish, I made it a Feast of the Seven Fishes, Highland Style!  There's nothing I like better than a man in a kilt!  So the men at the feast in CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY are wearing kilts.  Read a little snippet of my story that follows the recipe and guess what the Savage Bay men are wearing under their kilts!

Recipe(s) #3
These are similar recipes and super easy!

Pepper Jam and Jelly Spreads
Option #1:
Mix together 1 softened 8-ounce brick of Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese (no low-fat or whipped substitutes!) with red pepper JAM.  The amount of jam you use is personal taste.  Start with a tablespoon and add the jam until the mixture is of a spreadable, but not a runny, consistency.  Serve on crackers.  I use Kitchen Kettle Pepper Jam.  Don't use pepper JELLY!

Option #2
If you can't find pepper JAM, try this instead:  Place a softened 8-ounce brick of Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese (no low-fat or whipped substitutes!) on a plate.  Mound red pepper jelly (for this I like the HOT kind) at one end of the brick.  Mound green pepper jelly (not MINT) at the other end.  To serve, scoop some cream cheese on a cracker and then add a dollop of jelly.  I found a cute holiday 3-section plate for this.  I put the cream cheese in the center section and the red and green jellies in the end sections.  My kids love this, and I serve it all year round.


The men at the Highland Feast are outside on the patio sharing cigars (remember . . . men in kilts). They include our heroine, Kara Sinclair's brother, Kara's new step-brother named Iain, and Reed Savage, our hero.
Inside watching the men (and who wouldn't watch hot men in kilts??) are Kara Sinclair, Bea Hamilton who runs the local bed-and-breakfast, and Bea's daughter, Cindy.  Also mentioned is Reed's dad, Mike Savage.

“Reed’s staying with me until New Year’s,” Bea said.
“Is he?”  Kara tried to keep her voice neutral.
“Yeah.  I couldn’t believe it when he made the reservation.  Reed told me to keep it a secret, so I haven’t mentioned it to his dad, but I feel so uncomfortable about it.  If Mike knew [Reed was back] he’d be devastated.”
“And we all know how bad mom is at keeping secrets,” Cindy said.  “Especially secrets from Mike.
“Stop that,” Bea said to her daughter, her cheeks flushing a bright red.
“I thought you weren’t going to have guests this week,” Kara said.
“That’s right.  I was going to spend the week helping Mike book the historical society’s programs for next year, but I couldn’t say no to Reed, could I?”
The smokers all burst into laughter at something Iain said.  Kara was happy to see her new step-brother look so comfortable, so quickly.
She realized Reed was watching her.  She felt that punch of desire again.  She dragged her gaze away.  “What was that?” she asked Bea, losing track of the conversation.
“I said, Reed should be with the Savages tonight.”
Yes, Kara thought, he should be with the Savages.  So why wasn’t he?
Then Cindy screamed.
Kara grinned.  The men had just mooned them.
“What a fine sight,” Bea said with a sigh.  “If only I were thirty years younger.”

So . . . what are those men wearing beneath their kilts??
You can guess or you can buy CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY and learn the answer!!


Come back tomorrow for another recipe and trivia question!

CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY is a fun and hot holiday read . . . think men in kilts, sledding, mistletoe, and a touch of arson!
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  1. Mooning on Christmas! Shameful....Shamefully fun!

    I'm with Mrs. C.--if only I were 30 years younger.

  2. A good mooning scene is always fun!


  3. Gives new meaning to naughty and nice.